About Me


Daniel Neuhaus is an editorial and commercial photographer, based in Toronto, Canada. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 2010 with a specialist in Cinema Studies.  He applies this training in the semantics of visual imagery and narrative form to elucidate the relationships of design, shape, and motion between the man made and natural world.  Daniel splits his time between his role as Director of Photography at Toronto Life magazine in his home city and his field work that takes him to the most remote corners of the world.  The notion that wildlife, human life and landscape are not fixed entities and are in a constant state of flux is what his work focuses on.  Animals, Machines, Culture, Cityscapes and Landscapes are all in a continuous evolution on their path from extant to extinct as they traverse history once growing and then receding, they are all in motion and it is the documenting, collecting and sharing of them from an immersive perspective that is the goal of his work. 




instagram: @dan_neuhaus

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